The Audio Print

The Audio Print

- Available to all past, future and new clients!


- If you have worked with me on a wedding day, you will know the lengths I go to in order to capture clean audio. Normally, this audio is used only for the final videos that are delivered. But what if they could be more?


The Process

- I take the audio file that I either already have (If you are a current wedding client of mine) or you send me in a clip that you want turned into a poster and I convert that audio file into its visible waveform. I then pair this with the phrase that has been spoken to create this simple 18"x24" wall piece to include in your home!



Just the Print! - $75 for 1 or $125 for 2 +  Taxes & Shipping

Print & Frame - $125 for 1 or $200 for 2 + Taxes & Shipping



- I offer two packages for this print. The first is the print by itself with no frame and the second is the print with the frame. There is an additional discount if you choose to make these a set with your new significant other! 


- Ordering is simple, email me through the contact page or through our current email thread and let me know which package and the amount you would like. The information I would need should look like this:


     Hey Patrick! We would love to order 2 of the Print & Frame options of our I do's from our wedding that you filmed this summer! It would be for myself, Jane Doe, and my new husband, John Smith. We cannot wait!!!




- Once you have emailed me I will then send you an invoice to make everything official. I do require the full payment upon ordering. Orders placed December 2018 will be shipped January 2019. All future orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis. You can pay in advance for your wedding for the following year!


Final Thoughts

- I'm so excited to launch this new service and I can't wait for you to be able to turn your vows into more than just words. 

Patrick Godfrey