Q: How do I book?

A: You can email me through my contact page on this site and I will respond within 1 business day! 

Q: What do your wedding packages include

A: My wedding packages can all be adjusted to fit your individual needs. This can include:

- Cinematic Montage

- All Raw camera footage

- Full-length ceremony with high-quality audio

- Full Day Coverage

- 1-3 videographers

- Full publishing access to your wedding films

- 1tb hard drive with your footage organized within

- Full un-edited Speeches 


If you want something that isn't on this list, don't be afraid to ask! I would love for you to get wht you want from your wedding video! 

Q: How long after our wedding do we get our video?

A: This is one of my favourite questions to answer as I am very proud of my delivery time. During summer months your wedding video will be delivered within 2 weeks of your wedding. YES! I know this is the best news you've heard all day. I feel as though the excitement of your day should still be there when you receive your video. Whenever I get photos or video done of myself, I want them asap so I made sure to include a fast turnaround for my clients. 

Q: How long is Full Day Coverage?

A: Full day coverage is a service that I do like to leave a little open-ended but it does have a strict 12-hour cap. This is for my own safety as I do need to be safe driving home at the end of your evening. I like to say that I start when your photographer starts, and I 30 minutes into dancing or at 12 hours of coverage. Whichever comes first.

Q: Me and my future husband don't look good on camera!

A: Do you know that almost every bride and groom I work this think that same thing? Being worried about how you will look is understandable and you know what? I think the same thing from time to time. However, my job is to help show how beautiful and special your day is and since you are the main focus, I will do everything I can to get you to be yourselves and enjoy it. I am not someone who poses couples as I don't want your story to be one I influence too heavily. The more cute and cuddly you two are on your wedding day the better! 

Q: Do we get to pick the music?

A: Due to modern copyright laws, I have to own the rights to any piece of music I include in your wedding film. This means that songs we hear on the radio are not able to be in your wedding video as the rights to them cost as little as $10,000. I would be happy to purchase those rights if you can fit this in your budget! 

The music I put in your wedding film is subtle and reflects you and your future partner. It doesn't have lyrics so I can focus more on what you and your families said throughout your day. The style of music is custom tailered to you. I pay attention to your musical taste during your day and try to find something that fits you. 

Q: What is your videography Style?

A: I shoot in a candid style. This means that I don't need you to look at the camera for every single shot. The more you just enjoy the day, the better your wedding film will look. Capturing those subtle looks that your new husband gives you, that tear running down your dads face when no one is looking, mom checking out your wedding dress in your childhood bedroom are all moments I look for throughout your day. These are the things worth remembering and I can't wait for these moments during your day! 

Q:What kind of deposit do you require?

A: I require the industry standard deposit of 50% non-refundable Retaining Fee due once you have looked over and signed your contract and the second 50% due two weeks before your wedding. 

Q: Will our wedding video be edited?

A: Yes. The main thing I deliver is my cinematic montage. This is a 3-12 minute video that has the absolute best moments of your wedding day. I edit them together in a style that highlights you and your family. I include as many heartfelt messages from your day so it is not just a music video. Hearing what your family and spouse has said is important and this is something I like to focus on. 

Q: What gear do you use?

A: I use all professional grade Canon cameras. These have been my workhorse since starting Patrick G Films and they have helped me achieve the things you see today. They allow me to get clear and beautiful images even in the darkest venues. My goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible so I never use large video lights on your wedding day. These cameras are fully insured and I do have backups with me on your day. 

Q: Do you travel?

A: Of course! All of my wedding packages include a 3 hour travel time. Beyond this, we can discuss a customized cost to fit where your wedding is. 
I also am more than happy to go beyond the Canadian borders. If you have a destination wedding that you would like, please feel free to contact me so we can create a special package that fits your unique wedding. 

Q: How will I receive my wedding film?

I deliver my wedding videos on 1 terabyte hard drives in customized boxes that are shipped xpress post with Canada Post. 
These hard drives contain every single shot I took on your wedding day so you can go through all the footage and find even more moments that weren't able to be in your cinematic montage. The hard drive is for you to keep but I do recommend backing them up on a second hard drive incase one fails. 

Q: If I want a second videographer, how does that work?

A: If you have paid for or your package includes a second videographer, I take care of hiring them. I have a vat group of skilled videographers who I have worked with and feel comfortable entrusting them to capture the same moments I would. We work as a team to cover your day to the fullest. If your package does not include this but you want to have a second videographer, the cost is an additional $400 in any package. 

Q: How can I get a contract?

A: Once we have gotten to know each other, I am happy to send my contract. It will have all of your details and pricing that we talked about so you can see that we both have protection through any event. 

Q: How do I pay?

A: I accept payments in multiple ways: 

- E-transfer is by far my favourite. It is secure and trackable from both ends. 

- Cheque: I do accept cheques! Your date will be reserved once the cheque has been cleared. 

- Cash: I am happy to accept cash if we meet up to discuss your day and review the contract

- Credit Card: I accept credit card payments through paypal invoicing.

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